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What is a Hair Color Correction?

It could be fixing a Color gone bad.  But we also consider changing your Hair Color Darker or Lighter, Tone or Dimension, which could include possible removal of old Color as a

"Color Correction."  

Please learn more from this link from a San Diego Salon "The Truth about Color Correction"

Consult with a Colour Correction Specialist 

What is the difference between a Highlight & a Colour Blend?

A Highlight is lightening strands of hair to give it bold intentional streaks.  A Colour Blend can be a subtle Lowlight/Highlight, or changing the tones with up to 2 Colors to create Dimension.  This can be done with Foils or Balayage.

Consult with a Colour Specialist!



My roots are dark with grey, and the rest of my hair is too light.  How do I get my hair all one color?

There are several options but 2 separate colors will have to be formulated.  We call this a Retouch & Colour Balance.  Other options are Colour Melting, Root Shadowed Sombre, Multidimensional or Colour Blend to update your look.

Consult with a Colour Specialist!



What is Balayage?

A hair color technique for highlighting or low-lighting in which the dye or lightener is painted on the hair to create a graduated softer natural looking effect.  We use this method frequently to Create and to Correct Hair Color.  Different looks can be created. Sunkissed, Babylights, Ombre, Sombre & Colour Movement

Consult with a Balayage Specialist!

How do I get the new trending Gray/Silver Hair Color?

Not in a Store & not in a Box, if you want to be a Silver Fox!  There are over 50 shades of Gray and you will have to have your hair Lightened properly & safely first to the appropriate tone.  Then the desired Gray/Silver Dye is selected.  Unfortunately Gray Dye doesn't stick around for very long & you need to purchase a Shampoo & Conditioner with pigment to maintain at home.

Consult with a Colour Specialist!


Can I put a brown hair color on my blonde highlighted hair to make it darker?

No!!  Do not attempt this.  You could turn your hair green or purple!  You have to put back the pigment that was removed with a filler, or has to be mixed into the color formula.

Consult with a Colour Correction Specialist!



How do I remove green and purple Vivid colors from my hair and have it a natural color again?

We use a safe Vegan Remover.  However, some Vivid Color Company's pigments can be difficult to remove.  There are other options.  This Service can be a lengthy process.  Once removed, we use a Color to condition and put back natural pigments.

Consult with a Colour Correction Specialist!



Can I lighten my color treated hair with a lighter hair color?

No!  Hair Color does not lighten Hair Color.  Only a Lightener or Remover will work.  If you choose a Lightener we recommend a Bond Builder.  It is a revolutionary product that insures no further damage or breakage.  It is an upgrade to a Color Service, and can be used several different ways.

Consult with a Colour Correction Specialist!



How can I get a price on what my Service will cost?

We invite all of our new Guests for Consultation to visually see where your hair is and where you want to go.  We can then give you a price and know how much time to schedule for the Service, or Services.



How long does a Consultation take and do I need to make an Appointment?

Consultations are by Appointment.  We ask you to fill out a short Guest Profile.  

We offer a half hour "Hair Color Consult" to view Visuals, Discuss Previous Hair History, Analyze Hair Condition, and discuss the many Options available for a $25.00 Fee with a Colour Specialist. 

We then determine the time needed for Scheduling, Quote a price & have ready all necessary 

Tools & Special Order Color for Your Custom Colouring Service!


What is Colour Studio Salon Policies and Service Guarantee?

The Colour Specialist at Colour Studio Salon pride themselves on providing you with exceptional Service, Products and Quality Care.

We do not issue refunds on Salon Services. Should you have any questions or concerns about the service you received, please notify us within three (3) days of your service. We require that you return to the salon so that your hair can be visually inspected. We will make every effort to solve any problems to your satisfaction by rescheduling you with the Colorist who performed the initial service.


Deposit & Cancellation Policy

We require a $25.00 Deposit to reserve any Color Correction/Creative Service.

Your deposit can be applied towards your Scheduled Service. 

A 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule to avoid a 50% charge of your Reserved Service!    





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